About Us

Round 7 Productions began out of a passion for capturing life. We love to create film that builds emotion and draws people into the moments they are observing. Business and personal use alike, we have a love for visual media and the power it carries to inform, move, and captivate it’s audience.

We are committed to excellence. We are motivated to do better with every opportunity. We are driven to create product in an efficient time-frame.

Round 7 is unique in its covering of both personal and business use.

We specialize in three areas:

Weddings & Events

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Real Estate

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Marketing & Sales

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Our Story

Round 7 Productions began out of a simple enjoyment for videography, photography, and aerial imaging. One camera and drone to the next, we found great quality of work came from something we love. We consider it a great honor to serve others while fulfilling our passions. One of our greatest loves in this field, is the opportunity for personal relationship with our clients. We love to hear your story, get to know you, and do our absolute best to create media that integrates the unique aspects of who you are. The name Round 7 Productions came from the recognition that visual media helps to break down the walls between the people and its audience. Visual images create memories, inspire emotions, and connect people. Knowing this, we were reminded of the Biblical story of Jericho. In this story, God gives an army a specific strategy to take back land they were promised. They were told to circle the city seven times. On the seventh round, the walls of the city crumbled. This is the power we believe visual media has on its audience. Walls come tumbling down between businesses and their clients. Home buyers get to imagine their families’ next season as they walk through pictures of a home for sale. Family and friends not able to be present on the wedding day, share the valuable memories as they watch the day unfold through video. Bride and Groom can revisit every moment of “I do” over and over again. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…imagine the immeasurable impact of video!