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What Makes Wedding Videos Essential?

Congratulations!! We’re so happy for you in this next chapter of life. Your wedding day is going to be a beautiful event, and I’m sure you’re on this page because you’re wondering if a video of your special day is going to be worth the investment. 


Story Time

Well, we’re not here to convince you of anything, instead to tell you a story. At Round 7 Productions, we have a unique passion for wedding films. My wife and I got married back in 2014 when the wedding video game was still relatively new. We were so excited about our ceremony. We spent hours and hours planning the celebration to ensure the events flowed correctly and we communicated our love for one another. 


When it came time to choose a videographer, we were at a loss. We didn’t know anyone. We didn’t know if it was worth the money. So what did we do? We chose friends or acquaintances to “help us out.” This decision seemed to be the most comfortable and least stressful way to go. Well, what happened next proved to us the importance of choosing professionals to capture the wedding day. 


Now, let me make this clear. We did, in fact, pay these people. We just thought we were getting a deal!


During the wedding day, I (Greg) had to walk the videographer through precisely what we needed captured because he never communicated with us beforehand. I had to help the videographer set up the camera and the audio source because he didn’t know what he was doing. Again, we paid for his services. So despite my best efforts, when you hire novices, anything can go wrong. It ended up being very stressful and very uncomfortable. I never envisioned running cables on my wedding day. 


The wedding day came and went, we had a wonderful ceremony and reception and couldn’t wait to see our video. 


A couple of months pass, and we haven’t heard anything about our video. We reach out to see when we can expect to see the video, and we find out that our videographer was using a camcorder with TAPE (remember, this is 2014…I didn’t think that tape was still a thing). Not only did he use tape, but an old tape that had several recordings on it. He gave us the news that we wouldn’t have a wedding video after all. The tape was corrupt, and we never saw our video.


I share this with you not to scare you in any way, but to educate you. There is a reason that videographers and photographers charge high prices for what we do; to ensure we can stay up to date with equipment (we don’t not use tape) and that we have adequate staffing for your big day. I urge you to go with a professional videographer for your wedding video needs. You will not be disappointed!


Why Round 7 Productions?

If you choose Round 7 Productions, let me help describe the types of videos we provide. We pride ourselves on delivering timeless video production packages. Some specific transitions and images will stand the test of time. Today, many wedding videographers are capturing moments that won’t matter to you in 5 – 10 years. We capture the visual images that will be dear to your heart for years to come.


We will provide trendy transitions and high energy movements during the one-minute teaser for your use on social media. The highlight film is the video that you will keep for years to come. This film is typically a more emotional, impactful, and a well-rounded capture of the entire day. With each package, you will also receive a video of the whole ceremony with audio and video. Depending on the video package, the ceremony cut can be more polished. For more information on our packages, please scroll down to see our pricing.

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